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My name is Temra Wollman and I have always had a passion for food. I was raised by parents who loved great food- my mother a maker of gourmet meals and a father who was a fantastic home cook. I was taught early on the importance of fresh seasonal ingredients and continue to be excited by the freshest produce the current season has to offer.

Until recently, I worked in a corporate job, while trying to juggle my role in business and as a working mom of two small children. No matter what type of day I had or how hectic it was, I always looked forward to coming home and being able to cook a delicious and healthy meal for myself and my family.

I personally know how hard it is with all our busy schedules to prioritize fresh, healthy food into our lives. This is where I come in. My idea is simple: To provide families with healthy, home-cooked meals, using seasonal and the highest quality ingredients, from my table to yours.

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